Experience On Online Gambling

Is online gambling good?On my opinion, online gambling is a no good activity. I remember my first time join online gambling is during FIFA World Cup 2006. During the first match which is Germany vs Costa Rica, the odds for the match was 1:0. My friend told me that bet on Germany sure win. At first Irejected but at last I have placed my bet because he allow me to bet for just RM30 and when result out just pay him if Ihave lose. The next day he give me RM28 and say that Ii have win. I am so happy then Ii cant stop for continue betting.

During the night,there are few more match is going on. I decided to bet RM50 for 2 match as I think is so easy to win the money. My friend give me a account on a online gambling website and tell me to bet there myself. Then I go to the website and placed my bet for the 2 match, I feel I am very lucky as I keep winning money. As I am lucky enough,I bet through out a week but of course I will losing some money but I still earning money.

Because of I have earn a lot of money, I decided to bet RM300 for a match. Unfortunately I lose the match. I feel that I will win next match so I bet RM300 on it again and i lose again. I just keep on betting and I owe my friend around RM2k. After that I feel that i should stop it as I can't afford to pay the debt. I told my parents about the debt and they agree to help me pay the debt but to promise them not to bet anymore. I am very appreciate for their help and I have never play online gambling anymore.

At last, I hope everyone think it before u bet.If you can't afford to pay the money you lost, please don't bet.