Online gambling mistakes!! (final part)

This is the last post that i will posting up here and share with you guys. Hope your will read it and leave comment to me.Thanks.

Failing to Follow Proven Game Strategies – You will lose consistently if you play on pure guesswork and whims. You must play online casino games by employing strategies that have been mathematically proven to be your best option.

Failing to Familiarize Yourself with the Rules of the Online Casino – Rules and regulations as to play at online casino games can differ from online casino to online casino. You can make mistakes that will result in losses if you don’t know the rules and regulations that govern play at a particular casino.

Failing to Familiarize Yourself with Promotions/Customer Service/Payout Protocol of a Particular Casino – You could lose out by not taking advantage of promotional bonuses offered, such as first-time deposit and loyalty bonuses. You must also be familiar with a site’s customer service policy and payout protocol in order to ensure your rights as a player.

Blaming Others for Your Gambling Misfortunes – You fool no one but yourself when you fail to look in the mirror for the reasons for your losses.

Failing to Try New Games – One of the bigger mistakes that online gamblers make is their failure to try new games. Games grow boring after awhile, and you lose your mental sharpness if you continue to play online casino games of one type.


Analysis of Table Gambling and Online Gambling.

chart for table gambling and online gambling

This week i will going to discuss about the analysis of table gambling and online gambling. According the voting from the poll, 62.5 % of respondent thinking that they preferred table gambling while 37.5 % of respondent preferred online gambling.

The reason why the percentage of respondent choosing table gambling is higher compared to online gambling is because they think the atmosphere of playing gambling game on table is much more realistic and excited. They can feel the real feeling of touching the play cards and they can try their luck directly. Another reason of respondent more preferred of table gambling is because the bookie cannot play cheat during the game is playing.

The reason why there are respondent choosing online gambling as their choice is because some of them might playing illegal gambling. They worry that police will catch them for gambling. So they prefer to take the risk for gambling online. Another main reason of choosing online gambling is they can gamble no mattter where they are and as long there is internet is available. They can gamble no matter what game is it. For example: sport games and casino.

Health Advisory on Internet Gambling

The American Psychiatric Association issued a health advisory (January 16, 2001) about Internet gambling. The advisory, from the committee on Treatment Services for Addicted Patients, notes that there has been tremendous growth of gambling opportunities in the last several years. This includes Internet gambling aimed at children and teenagers. Children can link to gambling sites from other game sites, and are lured by free gifts and discounts.

Internet gambling can be more dangerous than other forms of gambling since there are few - if any - regulations as to fairness, and most of the operators are outside the US. These operations are not regulated by state or federal statutes, so there is no control over the types of games available or the ages of the participants. Hackers can manipulate the games, and can gain access to credit card numbers and funds.

As of 2000, there were more than 1,300 online gambling sites with revenues in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Research has shown a correlation between the availability of legal gambling in a state, and the proportion of the state's population who report gambling addiction or lesser problems. In all states, the rates of gambling problems are highest in high school and college-aged young adults. According to the advisory, about 10% to 15% of young people surveyed in the US and Canada report having experienced one or more problems related to gambling. This includes an estimated 1% to 6% who may satisfy the diagnostic criteria for pathological gambling.

Pathological gambling is an addiction-like disorder in which gambling-related behavior leads to damaging personal, family or social consequences. Individuals who have experienced 5 or more of these symptoms are diagnosed with this disorder.

  • precocupation with gambling-related thoughts, plans, or activities;
  • needing to gamble with increased sums of money to produce the desired excitement;
  • reseltessness of irritability when attempting to cut down or stop gambling;
  • gambling to escape from problems or relieve feelings of helplessness, anxiety, guilt or depression;
  • after losing money gambling, trying to win it back with more gambling;
  • lying to conceal gambling activities or their consequences;
  • committing illegal acts to finance gambling;
  • jeopardizing or losing a significant relationship, job, educational or career opportunity because of gambling;
  • relying on bailout money from others to fix a desperate gambling-related financial situation;
  • having made repeated unsuccessful attempts to control, cut back or stop gambling.
Problem gambling is the term applied to individuals with some but fewer than five of these symptoms. These individuals are at high risk for developing pathological gambling.

The isolation and timelessness of the Internet means that people can gamble undetected and uninterrupted for long periods. Young people may know nothing about the addictive nature of gambling, and may see it as a harmless pastime - just another cool game on the Net, but one where you might lose a few dollars. If a young person seems to be losing touch with other activities and is becoming increasingly involved with Internet or another form of gambling, they can get help at student health care facilities on their college campus, from mental health professionals, and organized gambling treatment programs.

The APA Advisory notes that the National Gambling Impact Study Commission has called for a ban on Internet gambling, but meanwhile the opportunities for gambling continue to grow at an explosive rate.

Information provided by
The American Psychiatric Association


I think this article should show to gamble that alway gambling online. This is to concern about the health of gamble. Gambling is not only affected your family and financial. It also affect your health.

Online gambling mistakes!! (first part)

When you play online casino games, you are at a mathematical disadvantage to the online gambling sites. Some common mistakes that should be avoided so that can reduce the chances of loosing. Most of the mistakes made by gamblers are because of carelessness, recklessness or a lack of preparedness.

You must always remember that the host of the online gambling website has advantages in all times. you have to minimize the advantage held by the site,so must reduce the host advantage by avoiding these common online gambling mistakes:

1. Play When You are Tired or Under the Weather-you should never play online gambling when you are not in peak performance that is when you are tired or under the weather. This is because you will make mistakes when you are not mentally clear and employ the strategies to win.

2. Play at a Online Casino that is not a Good Fit for You-Do not sit and play in a site that not advantage for you, or whose software is incompatible with your computer. Or else, this will complete your play in frustration, instead of pleasure.

3. Ignoring the Advantages of Free Online Gambling – You will loose a great advantage by not honing your game skills on a free online gambling site. By practicing strategies on these free online gambling sites, you will be better prepared for the rigors when you play online casino games at play-for-pay sites.

4. Unfamiliarity with the Rules of the Online Gambling Games – You can make costly mistakes by not knowing in detail the rules of the online gambling games. Furthemore, many of the free online casinos gambling sites have the rules for specific games posted as an educational tool for the player. Different sites and different games will have their own rules, so, you must understand the rules before you bet on it.

5. Failing to Pre-set a Budgetary Limit Prior to Play - You run the risk of losing substantial amounts of money if you neglect to set a budgetary limit on your gambling before you start to play. If you trust your bank account to a change in fortune during your play, you are doomed. You must set a limit to yourself, do not bet over the budget.

This is the first part of online gambling mistakes that will cause gamblers costly lose. There are still alot of mistakes that i did not mention above. Anyone has different idea of this topic do leave comment to me. Thanks


Types of Gamblers Part 3 (End)

This weeks i will going to expalain the last 5 types of gamblers:
As below:

Pathological Gamblers (also called Compulsive Gamblers):

-This is the only "type" of gambler that has been fully defined by the American Psychiatric Association as a mental disorder.
-Usually has had at least one financial bailout from a friend, family member, maxed out credit cards or taken out loans from financial institution, unless they are affluent, although some pathological gamblers never have had a bailout.
-Pathological gamblers share some of the symptoms that are evidenced in problem gamblers (see above list).
-There may be attempts to justify, rationalize, hide, and/or minimize their behavior to others.
-Often they will mis-conceptualize the gambling problem as a financial problem.
- May blame others for stress they are creating.
-May try to win money needed for basic living expenses.\
-Winning means more time to gambling, wins are usually "re-invested" into more gambling.
-Usually thinks that they are only hurting themselves, unaware of the impact of their gambling on others
-Wager size increases over time (measured usually in years).
-Uses money to gamble that should otherwise be allocated/invested; for example does not have a independent retirement plan (e.g., IRA) that not associated with their work plan (e.g., 401K). This would not apply to some people.

Action Gambler:
- A win creates a "rush" that is probably associated with an excessive release of the neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine is a brain chemical associated with the subjective experience of pleasure.
- Reacts to gambling with an unusual degree of excitement, although this may experienced by the gambler but not expressed.
-More often plays games such as cards, craps, roulette, sports betting.
- A win may lead to larger bets.
-Gambling excitement is extremely pleasurable and achieving it becomes a major focus in the gambler's life.
-More men are action gamblers than women
-Often associated with ambitious, high intelligence, Type-A, "driven to succeed" personality traits.
-Besides gambling in a habitual pattern, they are more likely than the escape gambler to bet when feeling good, happy or lucky.

Escape Gambler:
Besides any habitual gambling patterns, they are more likely to gamble at times to escape emotional pain and life problems.
-Gambling produces a numb, trance-like, state of consciousness where problems are not in awareness.
-Slot machines and video poker are the most common forms for these gamblers.
-After many years of gambling action gamblers often start to experience escape-style gambling.
Increased chance that an escape gambler has been physically or emotionally abused.
Women are more often then men to be escape gamblers.

Antisocial Gambler:
- Engages in criminal activities, scams and rip-offs.
-Gambling is a method to steal money, may use loaded dice, marked cards, and fixed sports events or horse races.
-Different from gamblers who commit a crime to pay debt.
-May have a diagnosis of Antisocial Personality Disorder

Binge Gambler:

-Frequency of gambling episodes are periodic rather than consistent
-Long periods of no gambling are followed by binges that can be very costly financially, emotionally and damaging to relationships.
-There is an illusion of being in control that is a function of the ability have extended periods of not gambling.
-The relapse cycle is often triggered by a perceived "surplus" of money, while the binge cycle typically ends after a huge loss.


3 quick tips to help you play online gambling like a pro

online gambling become more popular nowadays. Some players can win money but some are not. so, this is the best time for me to introduce the three tips that help players to play like a pro.

First, Don't be afraid to commit to the pot. Once you have a really good hand, you should always bet a fairly large amount. You can try to draw players into the hand with slowly increasing bets. If you do a large bet, and a player re-raises you, don't be afraid to call. Players must play with significant of confidence. Confidence on your betting and willing to take chance have the most susccess.

Second, Avoid underbetting the pot. If you just bet a small figure after every turn, then more players wish be inclined to stay in. This increases the chances of person hit cards and beating you. The ideal dissipated scenario for person with a good hand is to bet just enough to support one person in.Or, if it is one on one, bet high enough to scare folk off.

Third, Cognize what to do with a draw. If you have a draw, you have to be really careful.This is mean by you have draw cards, but you need one or more cards so that can win.For example, needing only one more card in order to have a flush is really nice, but many players get over excited. Players sometimes bet extremely high in these instances and then end up losing the hand. It is important to cognize what to do in case of a draw. You should either check or bet small. The only time you should bet high is if you think that the another player makes not have anything.

Above are the three tips that help you play online gambling like a pro. I think there are still alot of methods or tips that help players play like a pro. If anyone know about that, please leave your idea or comment for me. thanks.


Types of Gambler (Part 2)

The percentage of the online gambler keep increasing nowadays is because more online gamble website has been created. Other than Social Gamblers and Frequent Gambler (also known as "heavy" and "serious" gambling).
The main reason of a person will become a gambler is because they wish to earn more money in a short time and they do believe in their luck. This week i will going to explain 2 more types of gamblers:

Problem Gambler
-Gambling results at least one negative consequence to the gambler or person in their life, this would include relationship problems.
-Money used to gamble with should be otherwise allocated to other things.
-There might be family discord regarding the time or amount spent gambling.
-The gambling may diminish work performance or ability to focus on work fully.
-Long term goals and ambitions are sometimes replaced by gambling.
-Usually the gambler can and does quit or stop for periods of time, and may do so to "prove" that they do not have a problem.
-Often there is some degree of intolerance to losing as demonstrated by mood swings after a loss, or chasing the loss to get even.
-Problem gamblers may deny that any problem is occurring despite the observations of others.
-There may be attempts to hide or minimize gambling behavior.
-Often thinks of gambling as a second job or a viable source of revenue; they may aspire to be professional gamblers.
-May try to earn money needed for daily living by gambling, and in the process get into financial jams.
-Time spent gambling exceeds what an outsider would think is reasonable.
-Unless the gambler is affluent, money may be occasionally borrowed from other people or credit cards.
-Problem gamblers often temporarily quit gambling after a big loss and will resume once their finances have stabilized.
-Often viewed as being a "regular" at gambling establishments, staff may know their name and they receive comps, these comps, or other reward programs foster more gambling.
-The severity of the problem does not meet the full criteria for a diagnosis of pathological gambling as defined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Psychiatry, DSM-IV™ (a copy is provided in the assessment section) but they often have between 1 and 3 symptoms (a sign).

Professional Gambler:

Professional Gambler:
-Rarely loses control when placing bets.
-Gambling is methodical and planned (e.g., a professional horse gambler may not bet on every race).
-Maintain discipline and refrain from impulsive betting
-Accept financial losses without chasing to win them back.
-Professional gamblers do not meet the DSM-IV criteria for pathological gambling, but may have a couple of symptoms (e.g. preoccupation).
-Gambling is their primary source of income.
-Most problem and pathological gamblers fantasize about being a professional gambler or mistakenly believe that they are, there are very few true professional gamblers.
-Many professional gamblers will eventually evolve in to problem or pathological

How Avoid Bogus Online Casinos

Online casino has being a very popular form gambling and now has a growing legion of followers , online gambling allows you to play all you favorite games online there are many such websites that offer many of the popular games such as online poker ,slots, blackjack and many others . In order to play or be part of an online casino you have to download the online casinos software and then you can start playing and if you want to bet on the games you will have to make a deposit. There currently more than 1200 online casinos and of that number not all of them are genuine casinos and if you are not careful you can find yourself robbed of your money, in this article we will look at how you can avoid bogus online casinos.

Firstly you will have to find a reliable online casino which have a good reputation and are recommended by most review sites examples of such online casinos include millionaire casino, online Vegas , lucky 18 casino , platinum play , golden casino just to mention a few . When ever you make payments or send very confidential information you always want to ensure that you information is safe, to do this with your online casino make sure there is a yellow padlock on status bar of your browser this shows you that the casinos software is using 128 bit encryption software while sending and receiving information this ensures that you personal information is safe.
To ensure that the on online casino you want to join is genuine you must make sure it is a licensed casino and with which licensing board is it licensed to another way to do this is to check whether the online casino is not blacklisted, there many review sites which provide information on casinos which have been blacklisted for various reasons this is one of determine the position of an online casino. You might want to also check if it is professionally recognized by other casinos and other casino rating boards.
Finally you might want to try out their costumer support service this will tell you a lot about the type of service you are going to get can give you an idea of whether or not a casino is bogus , a good casino should provide 24/7 costumer support and backup
I feel that this article is very useful for us to prevent we choose the wrong online gambling website that will cause unnecessary problem to us. Is it very important to choose a right website when online gambling because when choose the wrong website maybe your privacy will be shown to public or unneccsary problem.

Economy Report of Online Gambling

The new legislation led to a big drop in the value of shares in PartyGaming and some other Internet gambling companies. PartyGaming of Britain is the largest online gambling company based on stock value. Almost eighty percent of the money it earns comes from the United States.
Congress passed the act as part of an unrelated bill on port security. President Bush is expected to sign the bill soon.
The Internet gambling act would ban the processing of electronic payments from the United States for online gambling purposes. It would affect credit card companies, banks and other businesses.

Researchers at Christiansen Capital Advisors estimate that Internet gambling worldwide reached twelve thousand million dollars last year. They estimate that almost twenty-three million people gambled online, including about eight million in the United States.
Internet gambling is a fast-growing industry. The American Gaming Association says the number of gambling Web sites is estimated at well over two thousand. These offer sports betting, casino games and other activities.

Representative Jim Leach of Iowa proposed the new legislation. He says many American families have been affected by large losses from Internet gambling. He says it is also a national security concern because it can be used to finance criminal and terrorist activities.


Types of Gambler (part 1)

There are many types gamber who playing online gambling, below shows the most of the reason why they will become a gambler.

Most gamblers are social gamblers.

-Gambling is one of many forms of entertainment they engage in, it is not their main recreational activity.

-They rarely think about gambling.

-Gambling episodes are usually infrequent, but there may be some regular activity as well (e.g., a monthly poker game, an occasional vacation to Vegas, a weekly or even daily lottery ticket).

-Gambling does not result in any negative life-consequences.

-There is no loss of control over gambling duration, frequency or money spent (sometimes there might be one episode of this).

-They would not be upset if unable to gamble ever again.

-There are no lasting negative financial consequences as a result of the gambling.

-There are no attempts to hide any aspect of the behavior.

-Other people do not see their gambling as excessive.

Frequent Gamblers (also called "heavy" or "serious" gambling):

-Gambling is an important part of their lives and would missed if they could not engage in it.

-There may be an intense focus on a single form of gambling (e.g., horse racing, poker, sports betting).

-There is no loss of control over wager amount or frequency.

-No progressive increase in wager size over time.

-No financial strain due to gambling, money for retirement, family, health, etc. is not being diverted

-Money is not borrowed from any source (including credit cards).

-Gambling is generally not viewed as a way to pay for basic life necessities or luxuries.

-No relationship arguments or relationship problems occur due to gambling.

-Gambling does not diminish their work performance or focus.

-Wager size is responsible and reasonable for the person's income.

-Relationships with family members and friends are not diminished due to time spent gambling.

-The time spent gambling appears reasonable to an outsider.

-The gambler does not chase losses.

-There are not mood swings associated with the wins and losses.

-The gambler remains interested in non-gambling activities and engages in them frequently.

-Non-gambling friends and activities are plentiful.

-Problem and pathological gamblers often minimize their situation to try and appear like frequent gamblers.

-A frequent gambler may eventually advance into problem or pathological gambling

-If a gambler is affluent the distinction between frequent and problem gambling is somewhat more complicated.


Analysis of "have you log in to online gambling website before"?

Analysis of:Have you log in to online gambling website This chart show that the result of 75% of the voters never log in to online gambling website before and 25% of the voters logged in to online gambling website before.

Majority of the voters never log in to the online gambling website because is due to few facts. One of the facts is online gambling in malaysia is illegal. Most off the online gambling website are from other country and not from Malaysia, so, they scare of being arrested or name in black list. Besides, most of the voters have a mind that online gambling is not safe and cannot get the money if win, so, rather bet on table more than online. Other than that, there are possiblity of voters really do not know there are online gambling website, and non gambler will also never log in to online gambling website before.

only 25% of the voters been to online gambling website before. This is because maybe they were read the artical in this blog or heard it from their friend, so they want to discovery online gambling website. Other than that, few of the voters are gambles so, they will log in to online gambling website.

In a conclusion, the voters that log in to online gambling website are very few. This is mean by there also alot of people still new with online gambling.

Soccer betting

English Premier League
Aston Villa (Home) vs Chelsea(Away)

Above shows the odds for soccer on online gambling website.The league that the betting is for English Premier League which is Aston Villa on home ground versus Chelsea on away ground.
The odds for that match will be Aston Villa get 0.25 from Chelsea which mean if the game is draw,the people who bet on Aston Villa will win half of their bet and who bet on Chelsea will lose half of their bet.

Spread Betting

Spread betting refers to any types of wagering on the outcome of an event, where the pay-off is based on the accuracy of the wager, in another way the betting rather than a simple “win or lose” outcome, which is known as money line betting. Spread betting is not a type of online gambling but it does relate with gamble.

The general purpose of spread betting is to create an active market for both sides of a wager, even if the outcome of an event may appear a priori to be biased towards one side or the other. In a sporting event, for example, a strong team may be pitted against a historically weaker team. Persons betting on the event normally would be likely to favor the better team, to such an extent that there would be very few, if any, betting on the team perceived to be worse.

The use of a "point spread" evens out the market towards an equal number of participants on each side of the wager. This allows a bookmaker to make a market by accepting wagers on both sides of the spread. The bookmaker charges a commission and acts as the counterparty for each participant. As long as the number of participants on each side is roughly equal, the bookmaker is unconcerned with the actual outcome; profits instead come from the commissions


Being arrested for online gambling

Don’t Online Gamble in Malaysia

November 13, 2008

If you want to participate in online gambling, you are going to want to not do it in Malaysia because they just aren’t putting up with it. Police in Kuantan, the capital of Pahang state in Malaysia, have continued with their sweeping raids in an attempt to curtail online gambling.

They have arrested another 17 people this week in the Gabang area by simply sweeping through the cyber-cafes that have popped up in the city. They know that many of these cafés offer online gambling access, so they go in and arrest those that are participating as well as those that are running the places.

The police are seizing the computers and cash in these illegal online gambling locations, with the latest one taking place in Jalan Besar, Gambang. They detained those that were in the location participating in online gambling around 10:30 pm. They ranged in age from 20-50.

The police said that two of those detained were working the online gambling venue, while the rest of them were playing. They say that in addition to this raid, they have arrested 55 people as well as seized 38 computers. This latest raid ended in the seizure of nine computers.

The police said that the owners would be investigated “under Section (1)(b) of Common Gaming House Act 1953” and they could face up to three years in jail if convicted. They could also be looking at a fine of RM 50,000 – or both of these things. They will also undoubtedly have their cybercafé licenses revoked.


Above is a news about 55 people have being arrested by police for online gambling activity.As u can see under the act you will being sentenced to jail and fine for of fencing the laws.So please keep in mind not to join online gambling activity.

Top 10 online casino ranking

Top 10 online casino ranking are
1) Casino Golden. you will get $555 bnous when you bet over 80 games in this website
2) Millionaire Casino. You will get $350 bonus when you bet over 80 games in this website
3) Rushmore Casino. You will get $888 bonus when you bet over 90 games in this website
4) Lucky 18 Casino. You will get $1000 bonus when you bet over 200 games in this website
5) Absolute Slots Casino. You will get $13000 bonus when you bet over 70 games in this website
6) Online Vegas. You will get $5000 bonus when you bet over 110 games in this website
7) English Harbour. You will get $275 bonus when you bet over 85 games in this website
8) All slots. You will get $200 bonus when you bet over 300 games in this website
9) Cherry Reds. You will get $777 bonus when you bet over 200 games in this website
10) Villento Las Vegas. You will get $100 bonus when you bet over 300 games in this website

Different website has their own laws and regulation. They also has their own gambling odds, gifts when you win, promotion, membership promotion and also diffrent gambling games in different website to attract more gamblers to log in and download their software.


The Relationship Between Loan Shark and Gambler

Loan Shark Ad
First of all, I want to explain the meaning of loan shark. I believe that not everyone knows what does it means. A loan shark is a person or body that offers unsecured loans at high interest rates to individuals, often backed by blackmail or threats of violence. In much of history, usury laws made loan sharks commonplace. Many moneylenders skirted between legal and extra-legal activity. In recent years and no matter where it is, loan shark have been a feature of the criminal underworld, but otherwise rare. There are many registered and legal lenders that lend to people who cannot get loans from the most mainstream lenders such as large banks. They often operate in cash, whereas mainstream lenders increasingly operate only electronically, which means that they will not deal with people who do not have a bank account. Terms such as subprime lending and "non-standard consumer credit" are used for this type of lender. Payday loans are one example of this type of consumer finance. The availability of these products has made true loan sharks rarer, though some legal lenders have been accused of behaving in an exploitative manner.

In Malaysia, Ah Long (derived from the Cantonese phrase "daai ji lung", 大耳窿) is a term for illegal loan sharks in Malaysia and Singapore. They lend money to people who are unable to obtain loans from banks or other legal sources, mostly targeting habitual gamblers. They charge a very high interest rate (about 40% per month due to the constantly compounding interest.), and frequently threaten violence (and administer it) towards those who fail to pay in time.
Ah Longs advertised their services merely by distributing their calling cards. They distribute their card to everyone and anywhere. This make gambler can fing Ah Long anytime and anywhere.

The main reason that there are many gamblers borrow money from Ah Long is because they do believe if they win this game they will able to pay back everything included the money borrowed from Ah Long. With this reason , it make Ah Long keep increase in this sociaty. Gamblers never thinking the affect if they not able to pay the money to Ah Long.

Ah Longs do borrow money to anyone who holding an valid an identification card and the person must above 18 years old. Ah Longs will keep a photocopy of the identification card for their own save.

When a person fails to pay in time, the Ah Long will spray, splash, or write in red paint on the walls of the house or property of that person as a threat of violence and to shame the borrower into repaying the loan. According to local police authorities, there have been cases where borrowers were beaten or had their property damaged or destroyed, and some victims have committed suicide.

Tips to prevent losing many money when gambling

As everyone know online gambling is a bad activity that we should avoid. So I hope the tips below that I have show will help some gambler not to gamble until some unlucky stuff happen on them.

First of all, we should only spend what we can afford to lose. If we always bet and we can't afford to pay for what we have lost, we will try to borrow from friends and relatives or some even worst will borrow from loan shark.This will cause us having a debt that we could not pay finish.When u lose some money, please do not chasing your losses as it will cause u lose more than before.

Secondly, please keep in mind that the number showing in your screen is your real money. Any amount that you have lose in the screen show that you have lose money in real life. If you lose more then you need to pay more. So if you still want to bet, please look for some sites that can set your limit for betting per day to prevent you from losing more money.

Thirdly, always think of your family or someone you care. When you lose your money and owe many debt, your family or someone you care will always worry about you and help you to pay the debt. When come to the worst, they will sell all their asset to help you pay the debt. If you do not lose the money, maybe the money will bring happiness to the family which you can buy something for them to make them happy.
The Japanese Translation as below:
オンラインで賭けることは私達が避けるべきである悪い活動であることを皆が知っているので。 従って私は運の悪い原料がそれらで起こるまで私がショーを有するそれの下の先端が相場師が賭けないのを助けることを望む。 まず、私達は私達が失うためにいいものだけを使うできてもべきである。 支払うことを私達が失ったものをの常に賭け、できることができなければ、私達は高利貸しからから友人や親類または最も悪い意志の借用借りることを試みる。これにより私達が終わりに支払うことができなかった負債を持っている私達を引き起こす。uがお金を失うとき、によりuを多くにより前に失う引き起こすのであなたの損失を追跡しない。

What can bet in Football?

Football is a sport that everybody likes to watch, but don't you know there are many Football match to bet like:
a) English Premier League
b) Champion League
c) UEFA Cup
d) World Cup
e) Europe Cup and others

There are also many methods to bet, like
a) Who score the first goal?
b) Which team get the first corner kick, freekick or out ball
c) Who get first faul
d) the exactly score end of the match,or the score that both team add together
e) odds comparison
f) who is the top scorer and many others

Do you have any other method or Football matchs that you know and I have not mention above, please do leave your comment and tell me.Thanks

Analysis on Poll - Do you agree with online gambling?

Above is the chart that showing the results of the poll question for our past 3 weeks. 62 percents out of 100 percents of the respondents do not agreed with online gambling while 38 percents did agreed with it. From the chart and the votes from respondents, we can see different people do have their different perception to anything no matter it is good or bad.

Most of the respondents voted their do not agree with online gambling, the main reason is because online gambling is illegal in Malaysia. Gamble games will bring a lot of troubles to them. Respondents who voted agree is the one do clearly understood that if they constant indulgence in gambling will bring about them ruin.

For those respondent who agreed with online gambling is because they are thinking it is a kind of entertaiment for them. They do believe they can control and manage themself very well so they can do anything no matter is good or bad. Evn though online gambling is bad, but it's good to have a try on it to kill the feeling of curious in heart and find out what online gambling is all about.

Advantages of Online Gambling

I feel that nowadays many people will choose Las Vegas as the first choice to go for gamble but with the creation or internet, they will able to placed their bet and gambling just with a computer with a internet line.

Online casino will let u think of your next move without irritating by the real casino's atmosphere.Beside that,you can choose atmosphere and ambience that you wan to have when playing with online gambling. When playing online gambling at home you do not need to think of your attire and online gambling website is very secure so that you no need worry about your information are given to public.

For newbie,some online gambling website allow you to play for fun without paying money for few round. For those are not appreciate English, online gambling websites are multilingual and choose your own language.

Besides that, when playing online gambling you do not need take cash and worry being robbed. S

How gamblers get attractive and addicted to online gambling?

First of all, there are free play or gamble from those gambling website to attractive you to play and make you addicted, so you will continue to play. The first few betting are usually easy to win because this is the trap. Its make the gamblers feel that this website easy to win money, so they will register and download to bet.

Secondly, the prizes of online gambling is very attractive, such as jackpot 1 million USD, car, or TV. Once gamblers saw those attractive prizes, they feel want to win and keep on betting try to win it and this will cause gamblers addicted to online gambling even those they lose.

Thirdly, many different kind of betting games like poker, blackjack, sports, backgammon, bingo and colourful website attractive gamblers to bet. Beginner can learn how to play and learn the rules in the website. It is more convenience compare to travel to play in real casino.

Online Bookie? Who he is and what he is doing?

An online bookie is an organization or a person that takes bets and pays winnings depending upon results or depending on the nature of the bet. All the bookies mostly are men.

Bookmaking may be legal or illegal, and may be regulated; in the United Kingdom it was at times both regulated and illegal, in that licences were required but no debts arising from gambling could be enforced through the courts.In some countries, such as Singapore, Sweden, Canada and Hong Kong, the only legal online bookies is state-owned and operated. In Canada, this is part of the lottery program.

With the arrival of the World Wide Web (www.) many bookies have an online brand. Bookies working hours normally is at the mid night and depending on does any sports play during the day. Bookies already set all the rules and regulation to the online game for the sum to pay and lose. The reason why I saying bookies am normally working at the mid night is because the time zone in Malaysia and the time zone of other country is different. Example: Football games normally play at evening time in Italy and it will be night to mid night in Malaysia, so the bookies need to update the result time to time to their customer and make sure everything is correct, so they need to work till the mid night.

Bookies also the one who decided the sum of lose and win. The agreement before a game has been told to the gambler before he is betting. For instance, Brazil or other contries who has won the world cup of football before and tonight there is a game Brazil vs. Germany. The sum of win might be pay lesser than the amount of the gambler bet. Bookies do take the chances of all the gamblers.

Bookies also the one who reminds gamblers what time and when the game will play? Not only football, many sport gambling such like ice hockey, badminton, basketball and so on. As a bookie, they should know the rules of every sport games very well.

Result of online gambling

From the result of the poll, we can notice that most of people do not agree with online gambling as the result is 62.5%. I also do not agree with online gambling because it has make me lose a lot of money.

Chinese New Year is coming. As everyone know that Chinese like to gamble, so it is the chance for online gambling website to catch gambler's attention. Those website will offer different kind of stuffs like free chips, membership or free gift. When people sign in to the website, they are required to fill in their personal particular and credit card number. When they lose a lot of money in the website, the website will auto charge to the credit card and when they can't afford to pay the credit card bill, they will start to borrow money from someone.

I'm sure everyone will always see news about loan shark. When a gambler can't afford to pay credit card bill and they unable to borrow money from relatives or friends, they will borrow money from loan shark. Loan shark will always say that they able to help u solve your financial problem but they will charge u some interest. Their interest is very high but a gambler still will borrow money from them as they think they will able to pay back to loan shark in future. But when they realize that they unable to pay the money to loan shark, is it too late for them to regret. Loan shark will always disturb your family members, beat you or make u can't live comfortable. When come to the worst, loan shark will kill your family member or make them suffer or even rape.

Everyone please think of your family when you are gambling as is it not your problem only when you owe someone money but it is your family problem.

Please comment...thanks

Disadvantages of online gambling

The disadvantage of online gambling is that there is a chance that the player will not be paid for the winnings that were earned. Online gambling do this in the hopes that the person will lose it all later in the succeeding rounds. When you lost, is definately your credit card or auto transfer from you bank account will debit your money but when you win, is not probably you will get pay for the winnings.

Another problem of downloading such software is that there is chances that there is a virus that may also affect one’s computer. Downloading such online gambling software that the chances of getting virus is very high. There are some virus that you cannot heal with normal antivirus software, and you need to format the whole computer that cause you money and time and maybe your important file will be corrupt.

Some people think that gambling is the easiest way out of being in the slums. However, the odds of losing in gambling are much higher than that of winning. The online gambling is control by the owner. For example, they are many people buying casino NO.3 then the computer will not spin to this NO. This is all control by them that's why the changes of losing is higher than winning.

Any other disadvantages of online gambling that i din't mention above, please do leave a comment for me. Thanks

Experience On Online Gambling

Is online gambling good?On my opinion, online gambling is a no good activity. I remember my first time join online gambling is during FIFA World Cup 2006. During the first match which is Germany vs Costa Rica, the odds for the match was 1:0. My friend told me that bet on Germany sure win. At first Irejected but at last I have placed my bet because he allow me to bet for just RM30 and when result out just pay him if Ihave lose. The next day he give me RM28 and say that Ii have win. I am so happy then Ii cant stop for continue betting.

During the night,there are few more match is going on. I decided to bet RM50 for 2 match as I think is so easy to win the money. My friend give me a account on a online gambling website and tell me to bet there myself. Then I go to the website and placed my bet for the 2 match, I feel I am very lucky as I keep winning money. As I am lucky enough,I bet through out a week but of course I will losing some money but I still earning money.

Because of I have earn a lot of money, I decided to bet RM300 for a match. Unfortunately I lose the match. I feel that I will win next match so I bet RM300 on it again and i lose again. I just keep on betting and I owe my friend around RM2k. After that I feel that i should stop it as I can't afford to pay the debt. I told my parents about the debt and they agree to help me pay the debt but to promise them not to bet anymore. I am very appreciate for their help and I have never play online gambling anymore.

At last, I hope everyone think it before u bet.If you can't afford to pay the money you lost, please don't bet.