Result of online gambling

From the result of the poll, we can notice that most of people do not agree with online gambling as the result is 62.5%. I also do not agree with online gambling because it has make me lose a lot of money.

Chinese New Year is coming. As everyone know that Chinese like to gamble, so it is the chance for online gambling website to catch gambler's attention. Those website will offer different kind of stuffs like free chips, membership or free gift. When people sign in to the website, they are required to fill in their personal particular and credit card number. When they lose a lot of money in the website, the website will auto charge to the credit card and when they can't afford to pay the credit card bill, they will start to borrow money from someone.

I'm sure everyone will always see news about loan shark. When a gambler can't afford to pay credit card bill and they unable to borrow money from relatives or friends, they will borrow money from loan shark. Loan shark will always say that they able to help u solve your financial problem but they will charge u some interest. Their interest is very high but a gambler still will borrow money from them as they think they will able to pay back to loan shark in future. But when they realize that they unable to pay the money to loan shark, is it too late for them to regret. Loan shark will always disturb your family members, beat you or make u can't live comfortable. When come to the worst, loan shark will kill your family member or make them suffer or even rape.

Everyone please think of your family when you are gambling as is it not your problem only when you owe someone money but it is your family problem.

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