Online Bookie? Who he is and what he is doing?

An online bookie is an organization or a person that takes bets and pays winnings depending upon results or depending on the nature of the bet. All the bookies mostly are men.

Bookmaking may be legal or illegal, and may be regulated; in the United Kingdom it was at times both regulated and illegal, in that licences were required but no debts arising from gambling could be enforced through the courts.In some countries, such as Singapore, Sweden, Canada and Hong Kong, the only legal online bookies is state-owned and operated. In Canada, this is part of the lottery program.

With the arrival of the World Wide Web (www.) many bookies have an online brand. Bookies working hours normally is at the mid night and depending on does any sports play during the day. Bookies already set all the rules and regulation to the online game for the sum to pay and lose. The reason why I saying bookies am normally working at the mid night is because the time zone in Malaysia and the time zone of other country is different. Example: Football games normally play at evening time in Italy and it will be night to mid night in Malaysia, so the bookies need to update the result time to time to their customer and make sure everything is correct, so they need to work till the mid night.

Bookies also the one who decided the sum of lose and win. The agreement before a game has been told to the gambler before he is betting. For instance, Brazil or other contries who has won the world cup of football before and tonight there is a game Brazil vs. Germany. The sum of win might be pay lesser than the amount of the gambler bet. Bookies do take the chances of all the gamblers.

Bookies also the one who reminds gamblers what time and when the game will play? Not only football, many sport gambling such like ice hockey, badminton, basketball and so on. As a bookie, they should know the rules of every sport games very well.