How gamblers get attractive and addicted to online gambling?

First of all, there are free play or gamble from those gambling website to attractive you to play and make you addicted, so you will continue to play. The first few betting are usually easy to win because this is the trap. Its make the gamblers feel that this website easy to win money, so they will register and download to bet.

Secondly, the prizes of online gambling is very attractive, such as jackpot 1 million USD, car, or TV. Once gamblers saw those attractive prizes, they feel want to win and keep on betting try to win it and this will cause gamblers addicted to online gambling even those they lose.

Thirdly, many different kind of betting games like poker, blackjack, sports, backgammon, bingo and colourful website attractive gamblers to bet. Beginner can learn how to play and learn the rules in the website. It is more convenience compare to travel to play in real casino.