Analysis on Poll - Do you agree with online gambling?

Above is the chart that showing the results of the poll question for our past 3 weeks. 62 percents out of 100 percents of the respondents do not agreed with online gambling while 38 percents did agreed with it. From the chart and the votes from respondents, we can see different people do have their different perception to anything no matter it is good or bad.

Most of the respondents voted their do not agree with online gambling, the main reason is because online gambling is illegal in Malaysia. Gamble games will bring a lot of troubles to them. Respondents who voted agree is the one do clearly understood that if they constant indulgence in gambling will bring about them ruin.

For those respondent who agreed with online gambling is because they are thinking it is a kind of entertaiment for them. They do believe they can control and manage themself very well so they can do anything no matter is good or bad. Evn though online gambling is bad, but it's good to have a try on it to kill the feeling of curious in heart and find out what online gambling is all about.