Analysis of Table Gambling and Online Gambling.

chart for table gambling and online gambling

This week i will going to discuss about the analysis of table gambling and online gambling. According the voting from the poll, 62.5 % of respondent thinking that they preferred table gambling while 37.5 % of respondent preferred online gambling.

The reason why the percentage of respondent choosing table gambling is higher compared to online gambling is because they think the atmosphere of playing gambling game on table is much more realistic and excited. They can feel the real feeling of touching the play cards and they can try their luck directly. Another reason of respondent more preferred of table gambling is because the bookie cannot play cheat during the game is playing.

The reason why there are respondent choosing online gambling as their choice is because some of them might playing illegal gambling. They worry that police will catch them for gambling. So they prefer to take the risk for gambling online. Another main reason of choosing online gambling is they can gamble no mattter where they are and as long there is internet is available. They can gamble no matter what game is it. For example: sport games and casino.