Tips to prevent losing many money when gambling

As everyone know online gambling is a bad activity that we should avoid. So I hope the tips below that I have show will help some gambler not to gamble until some unlucky stuff happen on them.

First of all, we should only spend what we can afford to lose. If we always bet and we can't afford to pay for what we have lost, we will try to borrow from friends and relatives or some even worst will borrow from loan shark.This will cause us having a debt that we could not pay finish.When u lose some money, please do not chasing your losses as it will cause u lose more than before.

Secondly, please keep in mind that the number showing in your screen is your real money. Any amount that you have lose in the screen show that you have lose money in real life. If you lose more then you need to pay more. So if you still want to bet, please look for some sites that can set your limit for betting per day to prevent you from losing more money.

Thirdly, always think of your family or someone you care. When you lose your money and owe many debt, your family or someone you care will always worry about you and help you to pay the debt. When come to the worst, they will sell all their asset to help you pay the debt. If you do not lose the money, maybe the money will bring happiness to the family which you can buy something for them to make them happy.
The Japanese Translation as below:
オンラインで賭けることは私達が避けるべきである悪い活動であることを皆が知っているので。 従って私は運の悪い原料がそれらで起こるまで私がショーを有するそれの下の先端が相場師が賭けないのを助けることを望む。 まず、私達は私達が失うためにいいものだけを使うできてもべきである。 支払うことを私達が失ったものをの常に賭け、できることができなければ、私達は高利貸しからから友人や親類または最も悪い意志の借用借りることを試みる。これにより私達が終わりに支払うことができなかった負債を持っている私達を引き起こす。uがお金を失うとき、によりuを多くにより前に失う引き起こすのであなたの損失を追跡しない。