My first job!

I've been thinking carefully about getting a part-time job where I will be taken on as a woman. And whilst musing on this matter what should crop up but vacancies for barmaids, hostesses and walkabouts at Erotica 2011 at London's Olympia Exhibition Centre.

OK, so it's not quite along the lines I was considering but it'll be a laugh to work at this event as it strikes me as being a terribly British showcase of adult lifestyle products. Putting concepts like "British" and "adult lifestyle" together rather appeals to my love of incongruity! In fact, I feel working there may be like being an extra on the Benny Hill Show! And who could resist that?

Well, I certainly intend to enjoy my time encouraging visitors to attend the trans bar and make them more aware of trans life. And as my friends Stella, Chrystal and Holly have also been taken on, it'll be a happy, friendly event. I like those!

Sue x