Nottingham Invasion

There are several places where TGirls can have a really good night out and be accepted in the local community. Nottingham seems to be becoming one of them, especially because of a very active trans group there, Nottingham Chameleons. Last month saw the first Nottingham Invasion where some 35 TGirls descended on various venues in the city. This month winessed the second invasion. I happened to have a free weekend and went to see what all the fuss was about.

Well, I was suitably impressed and thrilled by my evening. Samantha Hewit, whom I’d met before at one Leeds First Friday, and Maddy Watson, a good friend, organised the event. They’re both beautiful, enthusiastic and very approachable girls and the whole event exuded fun and friendship. Apparently some 55 girls attended this time. This could become a very big thing!

The generals plan the Invasion. L to R: Debbie, Maddy and Sam.

I myself decided to make a weekend of it. I have close friends in Nottingham and Emma Walkey’s wife Jackie is not far away so it was an opportunity to see them as well as catch up with many T girlfriends and make some new ones. I booked into the New Gables Hotel, a small, good value and nicely kept hotel run by Maria and Debbie who were very welcoming and friendly.

I chose to wear the leather mini I’d worn on the bar at Olympia in November with my favourite patent boots, silver top, Jane Norman jacket and neon tights. I met Maddy at the hotel along with Tanya Williams, Joanne Durkin and Chrystal Ford (née Westergard). Nottingham’s trans community can be proud that Tanya was prepared to come all the way from Essex, Joanne from York, Chrystal from Durham, and myself from London. Chrystal probably gets the long-distance trannying prize on this occasion especially as she drove back that same night. There’s dedication to the cause!

We went to the New Foresters pub, also owned by Debbie and Maria, where we met up with the other invaders, including local girl Gayna Starr, and Tiff George and her brilliant wife Dawn who always comes out with us, all close friends. Both Gayna and Tiff were suffering physical ailments and were ribbed mercilessly about them on Facebook (which is our way of showing that we care) so it was to their credit that they came out. I was particularly keen to catch up with Samantha and Emma Jewkes. Emma’s been a huge inspiration to many as her transition has had such positive support from her family and her employers. I hadn’t seen her for 18 months and she’s looking so gorgeous and is very sweet. Read Sam’s and Emma’s worthwhile blogs through the links from mine. I got to know a few other girls including Michelle, Penny and Tanya Thomas. There were some lovely outfits, too. I love the way so many TGirls really make an effort to look their best.

 Girls having fun. New Foresters pub. L to R: Tanya Williams, ?, me, Gayna Starr, Maddy Watson

Well, after eating, drinking and chatting at the New Foresters we went to the Oceana club. We’d been offered a special deal by the management who seemed very keen on us visiting. The place was a little empty to start with but filled up as the evening wore on. I’d say the place had a good dancefloor, reasonably priced drinks, decent ladies loos and space to move. I wasn’t so keen on the very sticky carpet and bartop or the very odd £1.80 fee for leaving a coat at the cloakroom. But it was worth visiting especially when they were keen to have us. Some girls were delighted by the punching machine and a few good whacks were given to it. God knows what that does to false nails!

So on to NG1, a club close by. I found the bar area very pleasing with attractive decor, plenty of seating and attentive staff. The dancefloor was less interesting, but considering I dance like a constipated chicken I’m not your best guide to such things.

The best thing was that a girl called Cristobel Burns came up to me and said she was the Nottingham University trans officer and why were there so many TGirls out tonight. So I told her and pointed her in Sam’s direction. Looks like she could get the next invasion advertised at the university and swell the numbers. I also met a girl called Stacey who said this was her first night out and what luck it was that the T community was out in force.

NG1 club bar. L to R: Tiff, Christobel, Tanya T, Michelle. 
Like me and all TGirls, Tiff has a symbiotic relationship with her camera.

We finished the evening back at the New Foresters and ate chips and enjoyed ourselves till a disgustingly late hour before being herded out into taxis and back to the hotel.

All credit to the organisers for a fantastic night. I can’t do this every month but I will visit again in 2012. Keep an eye on this event, girls, it looks like it will be the next Big Night Out.

Sue x