Staying positive

Being trans is not easy. There are so many downsides to it; more downsides than positives. Nevertheless there are good things about it, too. For the last few years I’ve always tried to focus on those.

Sadly, these last few weeks, and for the first time since gaining an online presence as Sue about 9 years ago, I’ve had a number of abusive communications from other trans people all at once. They represent only about 0.01% of all the online traffic I’ve had so are dwarfed by the vast array of fantastically beautiful communications and other normal items I’ve received. In any case, they have little value as one’s from a well-known troll, one from a person with obvious bipolar disorder (manic depression) and others from people who, for whatever reason, are abusive and troubled. However, there’s been a higher than average amount of negative stuff online this winter, and some trouble also with the way people have addressed me in public. It’s odd that it’s all come suddenly now as I myself haven’t changed or had previous problems.

However, I shall be continuing as normal. I plan to be as positive as possible about being trans in the hope that others may take some comfort and encouragement in what is a difficult way to have to live. OK, so maybe I’m a Pollyanna. But better that than a nasty, negative abuser or a hopeless complainer. I had enough of people like that in a past life.

Sue x