Surrey capers, GRS and GPS

After weeks of torrential rain, the sun came out on Monday. Best make use of it, I thought, so I took an assortment of trains, each around 18 minutes late (“rutting badgers at Haslemere” and other suitably Perrinesque explanations) to visit a friend in Surrey. I stupidly sent a text about my arrival time not to my friend but to the wife of another friend who has the same name and who must have been very puzzled by it. No wonder no-one was there to pick me up at the station! I blame my mobile phone’s GPS configuration for the confusion, Gormless Person Syndrome. Anyway, we met eventually! Surrey Girl has recently undergone her GRS (which in our context stands for something like girly reorganisation surgery) and is looking so disgustingly fit, happy, beautiful and well following it that I really think this ought to be prescribed to the population at large as part of the government’s happiness agenda.

We spent time catching up and then had an extremely late lunch at a chic and comfortable gastropub, the Inn on the Lake in Godalming, with the sunlight pouring through the windows. The lake itself, however, is lost somewhere in the undergrowth. Very good food: the salmon and caper fishcakes with a poached egg on top were very enjoyable, and the warm, squidgy, almost-molten chocolate brownie was utterly, deliriously delicious. I have a thing for chocolate puddings but this ticked every sensual box in ways that were positively indecent! We were also impressed with our Slovak waiter’s excellent English and attention to us. A TGirl admirer in the making! (Actually, I hope not)

Next week I hope to drop in on Charing Cross Hospital where another friend will be having her GRS and seems very excited about it. I’m not sure that kind of drastic surgery is for me, not at present anyway, but hope she will be as happy with the result as our Surrey blonde is with hers. And that this might reassure another friend who’s panicky about hers. If it’s right for you then it really does seem to transform your life for the better.

Sue x