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Nov 12th 2012, 11:08

A hedge bet is two offsetting bets made to win a small profit or to minimize the loss of a big bet. While hedge betting is not to the player’s advantage it can be used to grind out a small profit or be used to let you play longer on a small bankroll. One of the most popular uses of hedge betting is at the craps table during the come out roll.

A player will put down a passline bet and then make a $1 bet on the any craps in case one of the craps numbers is thrown. In this case if the shooter throws 2 -3 or 12 the players loses his $5 passline bet but collects $7 for the any craps bet. If the shooter throws any other number the $1 any craps bet is lost. While this may sound like a good bet it actually is not and if you hedge every passline bet you will be an over all loser. The any craps bet has a house edge of 11.11%

Removing Don’t Pass
I received an e-mail asking me if a players is allowed to remove their don’t pass bet after the point is established. The answer is yes.

The casino allows you to remove your Don't Pass bet and the reason they allow you to do this is because once you make it past the come out roll and a point is established the odds shift in your favor. There are more ways to make a seven than there are the other individual numbers. By Understanding the dice odds you will see that it is better to leave your Don't Pass bet up. If you are worried because the point is a six or an eight you can hedge your bet.

Hedging the 6 & 8
Some players like to "Hedge" their bets by placing the point number while they have a bet on the Don't Pass line. This way they win a little if the shooter sevens out or they only lose a small amount if the shooter makes his bet. Here is an example.

You bet $10 on the Don't Pass line and the shooter rolls a six which becomes the point number. You make a place bet on the six for $6.
If the shooter sevens out, you collect ten dollars for the Don't Pass bet and lose six dollars for the place bet. You have a profit of four dollars.
If the shooter makes his point by rolling a six you lose your ten dollar Don't Bet but collect seven dollars for your place bet. Your loss is only three dollars.

Hedge system
This is a variation of a don’t pass “HEDGE” system. You start with a $10 don’t pass bet. After the come out roll make a $6 place bet on the numbers 6 & 8. This will cost you $12.
Take the money from the first hit on either of the place numbers. ( ** This is the most important part, as this will now guarantee you a profit regardless what happens.)
If the shooter sevens out at this point, you will lose your $12 in place bets. You have already collected $7 from the first hit and will collect $10 from your Don’t bet for a profit of $5.
The second time your place bet hits you place the five for $5 and the third time it hits you place the nine for $5. From this point on you collect any profits from your place bets.
Any time a shooter makes his point you ride out all the existing place bets. Don’t place any more numbers or make another Don’t bet on this shooter.
If the shooter throws a 7 or 11 on the come out, stop betting on this shooter. If you lose on three shooters in a row you find another table or quit.

What Can Happen
Lets look at what can happen with this system:

Before the first hit you loose your $12 place bets but collect the $10 Don’t bet for a loss of $2.
After the first hit you are plus $5.
After the second hit you are plus $19. ($7 from the first hit, $2 from the second hit and $10 for the don’t bet)
After the third hit your are plus $21. ($7 plus $2 plus $2 and $10 for the don’t bet)

Before the first hit, you are minus $10.
After one hit you are minus $3. (You collected $7 from your place bet but lost $10 don’t bet)
After second hit you are minus $1. (You collected $7 plus $2 minus your $10 don’t bet)
After third your are plus $1. (You collected $7 plus $2 plus $2 minus your $10 don’t bet)
REMEMBER: You still have your place bets and will ride them out, taking any profit.

The shooter makes his point right away then Sevens out immediately after establishing his next point. You are MINUS $22.
By quitting after three loses in a row, you can try this with a minimum bankroll of $75 dollars.

Until Next time remember:
Luck comes and goes.....Knowledge Stays Forever.

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