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One-Trick Pony craps system
Nov 11th 2012, 11:08

The One-Trick Pony Craps System is sometimes called the one-roll system. It is designed to cover all the numbers on a craps table with the exception of 7. The dice have no memory, each roll is independent of the last, but many players will only play this system after a point is established. And, they prefer to bet this after there is a front-line, seven-winner and then a point established. This happens fairly regularly, so don't think you won't get a chance to make some bets.

After a point is established, any 7 loses for the pass better. This system is the same. Betting is easy and requires three place bets and a field bet.


Place the number 5 for $5 and the numbers 6 and 8 for $6 each ($17 total bet). Bet $5 in the field to cover 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 and 12 ($5 total bet).

If 7 rolls, you lose $22.

If 5, 6 or 8 rolls you lose the field bet and win the place bet for $7 and make a profit of $2 and take all your bets down.

If a field number of 3, 4, 9, 10, or 11 rolls you win $5 and take all your bets down.

If 2 rolls (at most clubs this pays double) you win $10 and take all your bets down.

If 12 rolls (at most clubs this pays triple) you win $15 and take all your bets down.

Because 7 rolls an average of 6 times out of 36, you will win one of your bets 30 times out of 36. You will lose 6 times out of 36. Expectations follow:

Lose on 7 rolled: 6 x 22 = $132

Win a place bet (5, 6, 8) 14 x 2 = $28.

Win a field bet (3, 4, 9, 10, 11) 14 x 5 = $70

Win on 2 once ($10) and 12 once ($15) = $25 *** Total $123 returned

On average, if you constantly made this bet and never took your bets down, you would lose $9 every 36 rolls. However, this system is designed to be played for one roll only, and then you wait until you are ready to bet it again.

The hope with this system is that you can walk up to a crap game, wait until the time is right and then make your bets, win, and walk away (or wait for another opportunity). If you raise your bets and place the number 5 for $25 and place the 6 and 8 for $30 and put $25 in the field, you will be shooting to win either $35 for 5, 6 or 8 and $25 in the field (or $50 if deuces rolls or $75 if twelve rolls).

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