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Top Blackjack Books
Nov 11th 2012, 11:08

Blackjack is the most popular casino table game. Players can reduce the house edge to less than one percent by using basic strategy. A player can gain the advantage using card counting. Here are some books to teach you to play properly.

1. Blackjack: Take the Money and Run: by Henry Tamburin

This book is ideal for recreational casino players that want to learn how to play blackjack in a casino and more importantly how to win. The book contains three levels of playing strategies for the beginner, intermediate and advanced player
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2. Best Blackjack: by Frank Scoblete

Scoblete shares his blackjack knowledge is a way that is easy for all to understand. This is an excellent book for novice and experienced players. Some added games covered are double exposure and over under.
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3. Basic Blackjack: by Stanford Wong

This book is one of the most comprehensive books dealing with basic strategy. There is advice and discussion of proper play for all rule variations.
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4. Golden Touch Blackjack Revolution

The Golden Tourch Blackjack Revolution will teach you the easiest card counting system ever developed. You can learn to count cards in the matter of hours not days

5. The Blackjack Zone by Eliot Jacobson

The Blackjack Zone is for the player who wants to know what works and waht desn't and why.It take you through basic strategy then on to card counting and advantage play.
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6. Blackjack Attack: by Don Schlesinger

If you are looking for advanced mathematical information concerning Blackjack and card counting this is you book. This book is in the library of most serious blackjack players. It is a little too technical for the novice player.
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7. Knock-Out Blackjack: by Olaf Vancura Phd.,and Ken Fuchs

If you ever had the desire to learn how to count cards, this book will teach you the easiest method ever devised. It is simple to follow and quite effective.
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8. Twenty-first Century Blackjack: by Walter Thomason

The system in this book is a practical alternative to card counting. It uses a betting system that is easy to learn and simple to apply. The four step positive progression can win you more money than flat betting.
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9. Blackjack Autumn: by Barry Meadow

Barry took the time to play in every casino in Nevada. This is his account of his journey across Nevada into little towns and casinos. It is an interesting read.
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10. Blackjack Wisdom: by Arnold Snyder

This book contains topics not covered in many other blackjack boos. Some of these include team play, shuffle anaylisis, camouflage and other aspects dealing with card counting
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